Robust Automations on STEEM Blockchain using the Power of AI.


BottoSteem is a compressive tool to automate tasks on the STEEM blockchain.

Curation Trails

Create and Follow Curation Trails to follow your Favourite Curator.


Upvote your favourite author right on time automatically with pre-defined settings.

Trading Upvotes

Sell your Spare VP to Other STEEMIT Authors and help them gain traction.

Claim Rewards

Automatically Claim all pending Rewards.

Curation Trail

Create your own curation trail or follow your favorite curator with pre-defined settings to enhance your content discovery experience.


Build your fanbase and automatically upvote your favorite users' posts, ensuring you never miss supporting their content.

Claim Rewards

Claim your rewards effortlessly and boost your earnings with our streamlined reward claiming feature.

Sell Upvotes

Sell upvotes to fellow Steem users, helping them gain visibility while earning from your spare voting power.

Exchange Upvotes

Exchange upvotes with other interested parties to mutually boost visibility and support each other’s content.


Schedule your posts and share them in your favorite communities, ensuring timely engagement and consistent interaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give you my keys?

We never ask for your keys. All authentication is securely handled through SteemConnect OAuth.

Will there be any fees?

We love all Steemit users! That's why Botto Steem Automation is completely free to use.

Can you perform transactions on my wallet?

No, we cannot perform transactions on your wallet. We do not use active key authentication, which is necessary for transactions, and we do not need it. Your security and privacy are our top priorities.